.Stefano Harney 'Undercommoning Insitutions'
24 june 2015, 7.30pm, Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht, The Netherlands
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.Adrian Heathfield with Al Lingis: AMH 2015 Annual Conference, Dartington 'Dangerous Currents: Risk and regulation at the interface of medicine & the arts'
23-25 june 2015, Dartington, U.K.
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.Stefano Harney in conversation with Valentina Desideri about her current project 'A Studio in Hand-Reading: Charlotte Wolff'. 
19 june 2015, Amsterdam Kunstverein, The Netherlands
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.Stefano Harney and Adrian Heathfield, VOLT 'Imagining Commons'
10-12 june 2015, various locations, Bergen, Norway
Twelve days of exhibitions, performances, a camp, talks and lectures curated by VOLT. Stefano Harney and Adrian Heathfield of freethought together with political theorist Isabell Lorey and artist Wendy Houstoun participate in two separate events.

10 June: Harney and Lorey discuss the meaning of concepts like autonomy and freedom against the background of algorithms and logistics and the thematization of new and persistent forms of subjectivization. Read more here.

12 June: Heathfield and Houstoun take part in Archive Grafts, a live exchange to delve into their personal archives to and give each other gifts: fragments of video and sound recordings, images and texts. Read more here.

.Irit Rogoff: 'Fugitive Study', Rethinking Art Education
May 2015, Bragdøya Island, Kristiansand, Norway
Irit Rogoff joined this 12-hour seminar and conference on the island of Kristiansand to present on 'Fugitive Study'. Contributions, links, and video-recordings from the event will be published here

Irit Rogoff presenting at Rethinking Art Education, Kristiansand, Norway